Wedding preparations. Where to begin?⠀

 💍Wedding preparations. Where to begin✨?⠀

✈We recommend, for a start, to determine the date of the event. Since, it is necessary to take into account weather conditions, religious holidays as national🇾🇪 holidays, when planning a wedding.
📝Further, we conclude an agreement with you and begin active preparation for your celebration:⠀
- Decide on the wedding location⠀
- Wedding concept⠀
- Think over the decor⠀
- Choose a photo and videographer⠀
- We discuss the menu for dinner or picnic/serve snacks and drinks.⁣⁣⠀
💭We can continue this list for a very long time, since how your wedding will be held depends only on your wishes! We always have something to offer you❤⠀
‼The planning of a wedding takes time and if it is a wedding with guests, do not forget to book a date in advance.

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