What does the wedding planner do? ⠀


In fact, the main function is to get rid the newlyweds of the hassle, clap and rush associated with preparing for the wedding.⠀


✅Drawing up a basic plan for preparing for the wedding, assistance in choosing a style, palette, decor⠀

✅Help in choosing a venue for the ceremony and dinner⠀

✅Selection of specialists for the wedding: stylist, photographer, videographer and etc.⠀

✅ Organizing of entertainment and recreation areas at the wedding⠀

✅Selection of a hotel or an alternative venue for bride's getting ready and morning shooting⠀

✅ Help in choosing a wedding image of the bride and groom, as well as images of guests⠀

✅ Wedding day coordination⠀

‼So, the wedding planner is needed to let the newlyweds and guests enjoy the holiday. We take care of all the issues⠀💍