Wedding planner in Sharm El Sheikh

 📋The work of the wedding planner includes not only planning, coordination, meetings and conversations, but also the ability to find the right words, support the couple when it's necessary.🥁

⚡When you are planning a wedding, nerves often go wild. This is understandable, since weddings are a new stage, a new life, and if it's the large-scale wedding with a large number of guests, then sometimes the nerves do not play for you.💔

💯In my practice, there were different stories when I reconciled couples, explaining to the groom or bride that he/she loves you❤, everything is fine and just all this is the nerves before the wedding.⠀

🔕And sometimes I have to deal with my emotions, because we are all people and I also have them, the ability to step back and look at the situation through the eyes of a couple, it's also help.🙏🏻